Process Performance Improvement Consultants, LLC


We are pleased to offer our services to you and your organization as you continuously improve your Integrity Management Program and associated Plans. We have the unique ability to provide assistance to operations management to insure that the high-level programs and processes are in place to meet the intent of the regulations while minimizing the impact to your operations personnel.

Our Principals and Associates have been involved in every aspect of the initial and subsequent rule-making through our support of INGAA, GTI, AGA and API. We have been involved in all of the developmental work and ongoing changes performed in support of the technical basis of the ASME B31.8S supplement. We were the primary authors of B31.8S and continue our support of that supplement and B31.8. We have been involved in the development and maintenance of dozens of consensus standards for the pipeline industry include those of ASME, API, and NACE.We have audited and helped to improve the integrity management programs of over 100 operators of gas transmission, gas distribution and hazardous liquid pipeline facilities.

We have been working with operators to build off of their existing programs and supplementing them, where appropriate, to comply with the ever-changing requirements of regulations.  In our experience, building off of the existing program better enables employees to see how these additional requirements fit into their everyday work – the work that they already do in managing damage prevention, corrosion prevention, equipment maintenance, among others.

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We believe that the operator as the owner of the Integrity Management Program should also be the primary author. We have been assisting operators by serving as a sounding board, providing practical advice and as a technical reviewer. We do not provide “black box solutions” or “canned” documentation. We do provide process-based approaches which enable us to work with your people to identify opportunities within your company’s culture and business environment. We have helped operators with the overall design and continuous improvement of their program.

As programs move further along in their deployment, we are helping to identify gaps and opportunities to help ensure the effectiveness of the program and provide continual improvement. We provide review and audit services to help insure compliance with the regulations.

As the programs are audited by PHMSA, we provide assistance in responding to Notices of Amendment and Notices of Probably Violation.

Process Performance Improvement Consultants, LLC

A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of

The Blacksmith Group