Process Performance Improvement Consultants, LLC


We are pleased to offer our services to you and your organization as you undertake your search of records for pipeline materials records, pressure test records, grandfather pressures and other information to confirm the maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP/MOP) of your systems. We have the unique ability to provide assistance to operations management to insure that the necessary processes are in place to meet the intent of the regulations while minimizing the impact to your operations.

Our Principals and Associates have been involved in every aspect of the IVP rule-making through our support of INGAA and API for the past several years.

We have been working with operators to develop processes and procedures for retrieval of records necessary to confirm MAOP to comply with the requirements of new regulation.  In our experience, building off of the existing program better enables employees to see how these additional requirements fit into their everyday work. In this way we help identify gaps in your processes and procedures. We also assist in your development of records systems necessary for compliance with the pipeline safety regulations and provide QA/QC and auditing services based on our established protocols.

We have been involved in the development of the new pipeline safety regulations for MAOP/MOP confirmation and integrity verification and understand the intent of the regulations for pipeline operators. We can help operators comply with those new regulations through the development of processes and programs including records systems. 

As the programs are audited by PHMSA, we provide assistance in responding to Notices of Amendment and Notices of Probably Violation.

Process Performance Improvement Consultants, LLC

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