Process Performance Improvement Consultants, LLC

Managing Pipeline Construction

Many variables impact the construction of a new pipeline. Managing those variables is a challenge for even the most seasoned project manager and contractors.


We are pleased to offer our services to your organization as you undertake construction projects of new or modified pipelines and related facilities. Our principles and associates have significant experience practical knowledge in pipeline construction and construction management.  We have experts in general construction, welding, coating and nondestructive examination.


We have helped operators develop and improve comprehensive written specifications and standards for the construction of pipelines. Our experience helps provide operators with documents that are up-to-date and complete to conform with a variety of consensus standards contain leading practices used in the industry. We also help operators comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards, prepare for PHMSA and state inspections as well as prepare for onsite protests.


We perform audits of construction projects during and after completion of the project. We inspect pipeline construction focusing of process and help operators adjust their projects real-time in order to avoid adverse impacts. We also perform audits of completed projects through a detailed review of records of construction, inspection, testing, materials, post-construction testing and inspection, and as-builting. We know how problems arise during construction having investigated hydrostatic test failures, poor workmanship and non-conformances with industry recommended practices and standards.


We led the development of the INGAA Foundation Primer on Construction of Natural Gas Pipelines. We served on teams that developed guidelines on coating, welding and the use of API RP 1104, Appendix A for mechanized welding. We provide training to company pipeline project managers, engineers, designers, compliance personnel and other company personnel. We provide training to construction contractor management and personnel. The training focuses on all aspects of construction and construction management including personnel and public safety. We incorporate current standards, guidelines, practices, principals, and planning including those of the INGAA Foundation, API, various Joint Industry Projects, and others.


We provide services to help companies develop and implement Quality Management Systems for pipeline construction. This includes quality control and quality assurance aspects for all phases of construction and inspection. This includes having comprehensive specification and assuring conformance with those specifications.

Process Performance Improvement Consultants, LLC

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