Process Performance Improvement Consultants, LLC


We were involved in a leading role in the pipeline industry discussions demonstrating the value of Safety Management Systems. Several of our people served on the working group that developed the API 1163 Recommended Practice, "Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMSs)".


We have helped operators since the 2015 publication of API RP 1173 perform gap analyses, develop road maps, supporting written processes and changes necessary to meet the objectives of the recommended practice. 


As operators continue on the journey of implementing, maturing and continually improving their PSMSs, we will continue to assist pipeline operators.


As programs move further along in their deployment, we are helping to identify gaps and opportunities to help ensure the effectiveness of the program and provide continual improvement. We provide review and audit services to help ensure comformance with the recommended practice. 

  • PSMS Gap Analyses
  • Development of a PSMA Roadmap
  • Development of Maturity Models
  • Evaluation of PSMS Maturity
  • Benchmarking PSMS Practices
  • Development of processes to define Performance Metrics
  • Evaluation of Performance Metrics
  • PSMS Training - Two-day Overview Course
  • PSMS Training - Half day - Role of Leadership and Management
  • PSMS Training - Two-day Deep Dive into Requirements and Elements Development
  • PSMS Training - Role of Safety Culture in PSMSs
  • Evaluation of Safety Culture
  • Audit of a PSMS

Process Performance Improvement Consultants, LLC

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